Introducing the YEP!Booking System

Who is the YEP!Booking system intended for?

Does your website offer only a simple order form for reservations? Replace the form with the YEP!Booking system and start enjoying  the benefits that this system brings.

The benefits of the YEP!Booking system

For your clients

  • The system is really online 24/7 (with high availibility)
    It is very convenient to check the arrangement of tracks, playgrounds and exercise schedules, display free capacity and select the time which fits best without having to rush.
  • Instant overview over the participation rate
    Your customers can precisely plan their visit to your sports facility and chose the date, time and sports activity which best fits them and they can reserve these activities on the spot.
  • Easy-to-read schemes of participation rates, opening hours and prices
    The customers will find their way through the system easily and quickly. The booking is intuitive and a matter of one minute for them. They will set the day and book the time and sport activity. The system will immediately calculate the total reservation price. The customer can reserve multiple times at once.

For sports or entertainment centre providers

  • Use your capacity to the max
  • Our system offers much greater convenience and transparency.
    The time scheme is colour-coded and easy to understand. YEP!Booking is a system optimised for as few mouse clicks as possible – you will find everything you need at hand. Calendar for day selection, your comments, overview of clients and their prepaid cards, event list, other events, etc.
  • Instant overview of all reservations and customers
    Ask for access to our demo administration here and see for yourself how convenient and user-friendly booking administration can be. No more mess, paperwork and enquiries from colleagues about who reserved or promised what for who – everything will be under control and ready for instant (or also retroactive) retrieval. Find out more at Features & Functions
  • Statistics and reports
    Statistics for any period – participation rate, booking statistics directly from customers and attendants, hourly participation rates for different sports activities, etc. – everything in tables and charts. On top that: daily records of the credit being drawn down from the prepaid cards, executed and deleted reservations, etc.

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