Most Important Features & Functions

No installation on your PC

The booking system is web based and you only need to be connected to the internet to run it.

Convenient and intuitive control

YEP!Booking is a system optimised for as few mouse clicks as possible – you will find everything you need at hand. You only need few clicks and can create even big reservations, such as for the whole day.

Group classes and booking

Each group class is set for certain time and can have instructor visible in the system. System can have set capacity (changeable for each class) and number of spots for waiting list. When a spot becomes available, user on waiting list will receive text message and email notification about booking.
The system tracks total number of user booked for class. If the minimum number is not filled, class is automatically cancellled (minimum number of booked user is set by administrators).
It is now possible to create courses. A course can be running regularly, for example, weekly. A user can sign up for the whole course, for example, 10 weeks course. If someone cancels a course, they can have a make-up session in another course or one off booking.
For creche users, it is possible to save children names to parents accounts. It is also possible to ask for more information e.g. age.

Registered users

Unlike standard users without registration, registered users can view their reservations and cancel them if you allow them to do so. Cancellation policies can be set differently for registered and non-registered users.
The system allows creating user groups for registered users. Each user group can have different prices and possibility to book further in the future than other groups. 

Bookings add-ons

For individual bookings, it is possible to choose add-ons. For example, for tennis booking, it is possible to add racquets and balls, for multifunction hall it is possible to choose sports. There are options for almost any type of bookings.

Better management of multi-function halls

Multi-function halls; for example, a hall can be used for the whole court of basketball or 2 courts of badminton, the system now sees the relationship between bookings. So if half of the hall is booked it is not possible to book the whole hall. It works vice versa; booking whole hall will disable bookings of badminton spots.


Prepaid cards are ready in the system for registered users. System allows create different types of membership for classes and activities. Each membership can set expiry date or number of days from day of purchase. User are notified when their membership is about to expire automatically.
When user is booking a class or activity the system deduct the cost from membership card. Transaction history is logged and is visible by user and system administrators. Prepaid credit/membership pass can be bought by credit card, bank transfer or by cash.

Prepaid credits

System has in-built prepaid credit system. Credits are deducted automatically for each booking. User can buy credits online through Paypal or by cash or credit card over the counter. Users and administrators can view transaction history.

Online payments using PayPal or Stripe

Payments through PayPal and Stripe are now available. Your customer can quickly and securely pay for individual bookings or recharge credit. The system automatically marks paid bookings making it easy for everyone, your customers and admin staff.

Text messages and email notifications

System administrators can any-time send email or text messages through the system, for example notifying about class cancellation. System sends text messages and email automatically in these cases:

  • user on waiting list when they are booked (spot has become available)
  • class or activity cancellation due minimum capacity requirement
  • approaching membership expiry or low credit

Long-term and regular reservations or events

Do you have regular reservations that repeat throughout the year? Do you organise a tournament every Saturday? Then you will welcome the mass booking option. You just select the date, time and day of the week and let the YEP!Booking system generate reservations even for a whole year ahead. This functionality also works vice versa: if you want to delete such regular slots from your system, you can delete them all at once.

Price levels

This function will be useful for everyone who needs to set different rates for VIP clients or sport club members.
Price setting is convenient and the operator can simply input rates or percentage points to raise or lower the price. When logged into the registration system, users will see rates allocated to them. System allows unlimited varriations of pricing. We can help you set-up the system to cater for your needs.

Missed class or activity

When user does not come for class or activity (no show), the system will track the number. The system can be set-up that user are automatically blacklisted if they have not come for set number of times.

Newsletter and sending bulk e-mails

This functionality is a great help when announcing various kinds of news and events from your sports facility. The operator can send mass e-mails to clients and choose the groups for which such e-mails are intended. These e-mails can be sent with attachments as well. The body of the e-mail the clients receive has a graphic design with the logo of the sports facility. Any recipient can unsubscribe from receiving such e-mails at any time.
If you are using MailChimp as the  email provider, the system can update the MailChimp list.

Reporting and reconfirming new reservations by attendants

The YEP!Booking system can work in two regimes:

  • without reconfirmation – each new reservation is reported to the attendant and regarded as approved
  • with reconfirmation via e-mail – each new reservation is pending attendant’s approval

A confirmation e-mail is sent to the client in the event of a reconfirmed reservation. Should you reject the reservation (for any reason), the system will send an e-mail to the client, stating the reason for rejection.

Last-minute discounts

If the capacity of your sports facility has not been fully booked, you can use the last-minute discount module. Just enter the last-minute prices into the system and select when these special prices shall be activated and under what conditions.

Statistics and reports

The booking system displays statistics in the form of tables and charts for any period. It also keeps daily records of the credit being drawn down from the prepaid cards, of executed and deleted reservations, etc. Summary for coaches and instructors will be set-up according to your specifications. All reports and statistics can be saved using the Excel format (xls).

Marking events and tournaments

This feature can be only used for individual bookings (bowling, tennis ...). You can create and multiple events, each event can have different colour or icon. There are 3 types of events:

  • event with a reservation option – users can reserve this event themselves
  • event without reservation option – no reservation is allowed for this event (e.g. closed tournaments, playground maintenance, etc.)
  • events with exclusive rights – only certain users (e.g. sports club members) can reserve this event themselves

Invite other players

Tennis players can invite more players from the club or visitors. They have to enter their names with the reservation. Invited players will receive an e-mail invitation with a reservation recap.

Flexible design and adaption of the visual interface

The system will have similar design to your website and is fully customised for your needs. Time units can be set as 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour, the system supports different time units. There are many of various settings, we will set-up the system according to your specific requirements.

Still missing a feature? Write and tell us!

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