Cancellation policies update


Cancellation policies are rules set for users that allow/disallow to cancel their booking. This feature ensure's that booking are not cancelled at very last time. There are now three options for policy settings:

a, Time before the start of a booking - for example, it is possible to cancel booking until 3 hours before the start of the booking (10 AM booking can be cancelled by 7 AM). Cancellation after the time will be visible in the system.

b, Set time - it is possible to set a time until it is possible to cancel bookings. For example 9 PM the day before the booking.

c, NEW FEATURE - a percentage of the booking cost. Deducting booking cost based on the time of cancellation is possible. For example, if a user cancels 12 hours before they have to pay 20% of the cost but if they cancel 2 hours before they have to pay 80% of the cost. 

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