News in the YEP!Booking System


Report screens

A report screen is an innovation in our YEP!Booking system. You can use it to communicate events organised in your facility and send news and info about current events. You can display a different screen for each tab and/or sport or exercise, showing information related only to the particular activity.

You can have the screen displayed only once upon entering the website, or repeatedly as defined in the calendar.

Last-minute discounts


Last-minute discounts

We have added another innovation for sports facility providers, the ability to set special "last-minute" rates. This is especially useful for those facilities not running at full capacity.

The system will display the last-minute rates for the period and time you have entered. You can set, for example, a 50% discount every Monday from 12 pm. Customers will be offered these rates only starting from, for example Monday morning. This is a wonderful tool for sports centres that wish to fill their capacity.

New functionality


New functionality

We now have additional statistics and added charts to them. The booking system now also generates reports of different events over a selected period. You can filter, for example, the purchase of a pre-paid card, existing or cancelled reservations, etc.
We have added a tool for quick user search by name from within the user accounts section.

SMS module – For clients using group reservations (exercise, aerobics, etc.) we have added the ability to notify clients and instructors via SMS in the event of automatic lesson cancellation due to insufficient numbers of reservations.

Price levels


Price levels

The YEP!Booking reservation system can now define any price for any user group. This function can be used by anyone who needs to set different rates for VIP clients or sport club members.

Price setting is convenient and the operator can simply input rates or percentage points to raise or lower the price. When logged into the registration system, clients will see rates allocated to them.

If your clients are using prepaid seasonal tickets, standard rates can be set after they have used all their credit and the clients notified about this change.

Exercise reservation – more persons for the same time


Exercise reservation – more persons for the same time

The YEP!Booking system allows reservations for more individuals for the same time slot. Therefore, for example 20 persons and 5 back-ups can book an aerobic exercise for every Monday starting from 6 pm. There is nothing more convenient. By using a simple tool in the administration, you can set up any activity (aerobics, etc.) with a pre-defined capacity – a number of places and trainer, even one month ahead.

If you offer exercises such as fitness, yoga, aerobic, pilates, zumba and spinning or hold lectures in an education centre with a certain capacity, the YEP!Booking is the right choice for you.

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